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Enjoy a holiday in Dubai and come back a different person

If you want a combination of the finest cosmetic surgery in the world’s most exciting holiday destination visit Dubai and enjoy the services of Dubai Surgery.

Why Dubai Surgery

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery abroad is a big decision. More and more people are now considering cosmetic surgery so at Dubai Surgery we will source the right surgeon and medical procedure to suit your needs. We will ensure that from arrival to departure you are given a level of support that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Think about your cosmetic surgery and see what we can do for you. Read testimonials from our delighted clients.

Why is cosmetic surgery in Dubai so well priced?

Cosmetic surgery prices are highly competitive to Europe because Dubai is a tax free city. The city's tax-free status also attracts the world's leading plastic surgeons so there is no compromise on quality. Visit our surgeon's medical credentials.

Why Dubai?

As a holiday destination the city is unsurpassed with a host of beach fronted luxury hotels, exciting shopping malls, local markets, world-class restaurants and unique tours. Visit our holiday planner and check out our range of relaxing accommodation options.

What treatments are available?

Breast Augmentation - Reduction - Lift - Reconstruction.
Face Lift - Mini Face Lift, Rhinoplasty - Nose refinement.
Liposuction – Abdominal, Thighs, Arms, Breast, Tummy Tuck.
Blepheroplasty – Eyelids upper & Lower.
Botox, Lips Augmentation, Aptos Threads – Russian Lift, Chemical Peel.
Gastric Banding – Weight Loss Procedure.
See our full range of cosmetic surgery (surgical and non surgical) treatments.

How does it work?

Simply visit our six simple steps to a new you.

Need to talk to someone?

If you want to discuss any queries regarding cosmetic surgery in Dubai you can call us in the UK on (+44) 122 479 0990 or in Dubai on (+971) 50 6458177. Our email address is